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10 Expert Tips for Choosing the Best ABM Software for Your Business


As businesses look towards more effective ways of generating leads and ultimately driving revenue, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has become a popular strategy. ABM is a tailored approach that is centered around targeting specific accounts with personalized content and messaging, rather than casting a wide net.

However, implementing an ABM strategy requires the right software tools. With a variety of ABM software available in the market, choosing the best one can be challenging. In this article, we will guide you through the process of choosing the right ABM software for your business.

The Importance of ABM Software for Businesses

ABM software is essential for businesses because it enables them to personalize their marketing and sales campaigns at scale. With ABM software, businesses can identify and target high-value accounts and engage with decision-makers in those accounts with targeted messages.

This approach is effective because it allows businesses to focus their resources on accounts with the highest potential for revenue, making the sales process more efficient.

The Difficulty in Finding the Perfect Fit

While ABM software can greatly benefit businesses, finding the right software can be challenging. There are numerous ABM software solutions available, each with its own set of features and capabilities.

Moreover, many businesses may have unique requirements that may not be met by off-the-shelf ABM software solutions. This means that finding the perfect fit may require a custom solution, which can be time-consuming and costly.

  • In the next section, we will discuss the key features to look for in ABM software.

  • Following that, we will provide a step-by-step guide to help you select the right ABM software for your business.

Assessing Your Needs

Choosing the best ABM software for your business can be tricky. With so many options available in the market, it's important to evaluate your business needs, goals, and objectives before making a final decision. Here are some steps you can take to assess your needs:

Evaluate Your Business Needs

Before you start looking at different ABM software options, you should evaluate your business needs to determine what features are essential. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is our target market?

  • What is our budget for ABM software?

  • What are our goals for ABM?

  • What are the pain points that we want this software to address?

Answering these questions will help you create a list of essential features that you are looking for in ABM software.

Determine the Essential Features

Once you have evaluated your business needs, you should determine the essential features that you need in ABM software. Here are some features that you can consider:

  • Account-Based Advertising

  • Personalization and Customization

  • Lead Scoring and Prioritization

  • CRM Integration

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Data Management and Enrichment

Keep in mind that different businesses will have different priorities when it comes to ABM software features. Determine what features are essential for your business and use that as a guideline when evaluating different software options.

By evaluating your needs and determining the essential features, you can make a more informed decision when it comes to selecting the best ABM software for your business.

Ease of Integration

When choosing the best ABM software for your business, it is important to consider the software's compatibility and integration with your existing systems and tools.


Ensure that the ABM software you select is compatible with the hardware and software systems used in your business. Compatibility issues can lead to data loss, increased downtime, and performance issues.


Consider how the ABM software can integrate with your existing systems and tools to optimize its functionality. This will save you time and money by eliminating the need for manual data input, reducing errors and improving efficiency.

API Access

Check if the ABM software offers API access. This allows you to customize the software to your unique business needs and integrate it with other software and applications.

Training and Support

  • Check if the software provider offers adequate training on integration procedures for your business.

  • Ensure that the provider offers reliable support that can help you solve any issues that arise during the integration process.

By considering the ease of integration when selecting ABM software, you can ensure a smooth implementation process, improve efficiency, and get the best value for your investment.

Scalability and Customization

When choosing the best ABM software for your business, it's important to consider the software's abilities to adapt and grow with your changing needs and demands, as well as the level of customization options available. Here are some points to consider:

Assess the software's scalability

A good ABM software should be scalable to meet the needs of your growing business. Make sure the software can handle a larger volume of data, and that it can integrate with your other marketing and sales tools. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Can the software handle an increase in leads and accounts?

  • Is the software designed to work for companies of your size?

  • Does the software integrate with your existing marketing and sales tools?

Evaluate the level of customization options

Not all businesses have the same needs, and a good ABM software should be flexible enough to adapt to those needs. Here are some things to consider when evaluating the level of customization:

  • Can you tailor your ABM campaigns to your specific goals and target accounts?

  • Does the software offer customizable templates for email and ad campaigns?

  • Can you create custom reports and dashboards to monitor your ABM performance?

  • Are there options to customize the user interface to fit your team's workflow?

By assessing the software's scalability and level of customization, you can ensure that the ABM software you choose is a good fit for your business needs now and in the future.

Data and Analytics

When choosing an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) software for your business, it is essential to examine the data gathering and analysis capabilities of the software to ensure they align with your business objectives and decision-making processes. Here are some key factors to consider:

Data Gathering

  • Does the software provide real-time data acquisition?

  • What types of data can the software gather? (e.g., contact information, firmographics, technographics)

  • Is the data reliable and up-to-date?

  • How customizable is the data gathering process?

  • Does the software offer integrations with other databases or tools?

Data Analysis

  • What types of analytics and insights can the software provide? (e.g., audience segmentation, campaign performance, account scoring)

  • Is the software capable of predictive analytics, and how accurate are the predictions?

  • What visualization tools are available to help interpret the data?

  • What level of customization is available for creating data reports and dashboards?

  • Does the software offer integrations with other analytics or reporting tools?

Overall, it is important to choose an ABM software that not only collects relevant data but also provides accurate and actionable insights to drive your business objectives.

User Interface and User Experience

When choosing the best ABM software for your business, it's important to consider the user interface and user experience. The ease of use and accessibility of the software's interface can impact efficiency and user adoption. Here are some factors to consider:


  • Is the interface visually appealing and easy to navigate?

  • Does it use clear and concise language?

  • Is there consistency in design elements such as fonts, colors, and icons?


  • Does the software have all the necessary features that align with your ABM strategy?

  • Is the workflow logical and easy to follow?

  • Are there features that streamline processes and increase productivity?


  • Is the software accessible across different devices and platforms?

  • Is it easy to access and use for individuals with disabilities?

  • Does it offer multilingual support?

Considering these factors will help you choose an ABM software with a user-friendly interface and positive user experience, leading to increased productivity and better adoption rates among your team.

Customer Support and Training

One of the most important factors to consider while choosing an ABM software for your business is the level and quality of customer support and training options offered by the software provider. Effective customer support and training are crucial for the smooth implementation and successful adoption of the software by your team.

Evaluate Customer Support

  • Check if the software provider offers 24/7 customer support.

  • Find out if the support team is accessible via email, phone, and chat.

  • Check the average response time of the support team.

  • Find out if the provider offers personalized account management.

  • Check for the availability of online resources such as tutorials, FAQs, and knowledge base.

Evaluate Training Options

  • Check if the provider offers online training sessions.

  • Find out if there are in-person training options available.

  • Check if the provider offers onboarding support to help you get started with the software.

  • Find out if there are customized training programs available to suit your business requirements.

  • Check if the provider offers ongoing training to keep your team updated on the latest features and improvements.

Choosing an ABM software provider that offers excellent customer support and training options can help you make the most of your investment and ensure that your team is equipped with the knowledge and resources to use the software effectively.

Cost and Pricing Models

Choosing the best ABM software for your business not only depends on the functionality and features you need but also on the pricing model that aligns with your budget and company stage. Before making a decision, it's essential to assess the affordability and flexibility of the software's pricing models and determine if the value provided aligns with your company's investment expectations. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating the cost and pricing models:

Value vs. Cost

When considering the price of the software, it's essential to evaluate the value that it provides. The pricing structure should match the value that the software brings to your company. Look for software that offers a wide range of features that match your needs.

Contracts and Commitments

Some software providers require long-term commitments or contracts. Be sure to review the terms and conditions of these agreements before signing up for ABM software. Make sure that you are comfortable with the length of the commitment and the terms of the agreement.

Pricing Flexibility

Look for software providers that offer different pricing models for different stages of your company's growth. Some providers offer customizable pricing that can be adjusted as your business grows, while others only offer a one-size-fits-all pricing model.

Pricing Tiers

Review the pricing tiers and decide which features are essential for your business. Some providers offer a basic package that includes only the necessary features, while others offer multiple service tiers with different features.

  • Assess the different pricing tiers and their features to determine which will bring the most value to your company

  • Make sure that the pricing tiers align with your company's growth and investment expectations

By evaluating the cost and pricing models, you can determine which ABM software aligns with your company's budget and growth plans.

At ExactBuyer, we offer customizable pricing plans that cater to businesses of all sizes and stages. Our pricing plans start at $495/month, and we offer a range of features that can be adjusted as your business grows. Contact us to learn more about our pricing models and find the best plan that fits your needs.

View our pricing plans.

Vendor Reliability and Reputation

When choosing an account-based marketing (ABM) software for your business, it is crucial to consider the reliability and reputation of the software provider. Here are some tips to help you conduct thorough research:

Check the software provider's ratings and reviews

  • Look for online reviews from unbiased sources

  • Check the ratings on software review sites like G2 or Capterra

  • Consider the number of reviews and how recent they are

Look into the software provider's security measures

  • Does the software use encryption to protect your data?

  • What security certifications does the software provider have?

  • What measures does the software provider have in place to prevent cyber attacks?

Consider the software provider's reputation in the industry

  • Has the software provider won any awards?

  • Are they well-known and respected in the industry?

  • Do they have any notable customers or partnerships?

By taking the time to research the reliability and reputation of an ABM software provider, you can avoid potential issues and ensure that you are choosing a reputable company that will provide secure and reliable software for your business.

At ExactBuyer, we take pride in our reputation for providing reliable and secure software to our customers. Our ABM software includes robust security measures such as encryption, and we have a proven track record of success with notable clients like Brex and Gorgias.

If you have any questions about our software or would like to learn more about our offerings, please visit our contact page to get in touch.

Finalizing Your Decision

Choosing the best ABM software for your business is a critical decision that requires careful consideration. Summarized below are the key considerations and steps to follow in making an informed decision.

Key Considerations

  • Identify your business needs and goals.

  • Consider the features and functionality that align with your business needs.

  • Evaluate the reputation and credibility of the ABM software provider.

  • Analyze the pricing and value proposition of the ABM software offered.

  • Assess the ease of onboarding, support and training provided by the ABM software provider.

Steps to Finalize Your Decision

  1. Compare the features and functionality of shortlisted ABM software solutions against your business needs and goals.

  2. Analyze the pricing and value proposition of the shortlisted ABM software solutions to find the best fit for your budget.

  3. Request a demo and try out the ABM software solutions that meet your needs to evaluate ease of use.

  4. Assess the level of support and training provided by the ABM software provider to determine the best fit for your business's onboarding process and the ongoing support required.

  5. Review the reputation and credibility of the ABM software provider, using online reviews, customer references, and other resources.

  6. Making your final decision by weighing the pros and cons of each ABM software, ensuring that it aligns with your business needs, goals, and budget.

By following these steps and considerations, you can make an informed decision that will set your business up for success with the best ABM software solution.

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