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10 Most Successful Account-Based Marketing Campaigns of All Time


Are you looking to maximize your sales by implementing an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaign? Look no further! In this blog post, we will provide an overview of the top successful account-based marketing campaigns of all time. Whether you're evaluating ABM as an alternative or looking for more information on how to make your campaigns a success, this post will provide valuable insights.


  • Introduction to Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

  • Why ABM is important for B2B companies

  • Top successful account-based marketing campaigns of all time

  • Analysis of successful ABM campaigns

  • Tips for implementing a successful ABM campaign

  • Benefits of using ABM for your business

By the end of this blog post, you will have a clear understanding of what account-based marketing is, its importance, and how to implement a successful ABM campaign, ultimately generating more sales for your business.

Intel's Virtual Event and its account-based marketing success

Intel, the multinational technology company, launched an account-based marketing campaign for its Virtual Event to elevate its brand awareness and engagement with targeted prospects. The campaign resulted in enormous success, generating high-quality leads, increased customer retention, and significant revenue growth. Here's how the campaign was executed:

Campaign Execution

  • Intel identified potential prospects and target accounts using ExactBuyer account-based marketing software.

  • The company created personalized content and messaging for each target account, addressing their specific pain points and needs.

  • Intel engaged with the target accounts through various channels, including email, social media, and personalized video invitations.

  • Intel organized a Virtual Event, where they showcased their latest technological advancements to the attendees.

  • After the event, Intel continued to nurture relationships with the attendees through personalized follow-up communications.

Success Metrics

The campaign's success was measured using the following metrics:

  • ROI - Intel achieved an impressive return on investment with an estimated 5x increase in revenue.

  • Increased Customer Retention - Intel's Virtual Event helped to retain existing customers leading to an increase in customer lifetime value.

  • High-Quality Leads - Intel generated high-quality leads and engaged with prospects that were most likely to convert.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience - The personalized messaging and tailored Virtual Event contributed to an improved customer experience leading to an increase in customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, Intel's account-based marketing campaign for its Virtual Event was a massive success. With a targeted approach, personalized content, and nurturing relationships, Intel was able to generate high-quality leads, increase customer retention, and drive significant revenue growth.

Intel's website

Terminus' ABM Strategy

Terminus is a leading account-based marketing platform that provides B2B marketers with the tools and analytics needed to run successful campaigns. Terminus' ABM strategy is focused on identifying and targeting the best-fit accounts, engaging decision-makers with personalized content and messaging, and measuring and optimizing campaign performance.

Explanation of Terminus' account-based marketing campaign

Terminus' ABM campaign begins with account selection. The platform uses a combination of firmographic, technographic, and intent data to identify the most promising accounts. Once the target accounts are selected, Terminus' platform helps to engage decision-makers with targeted display advertising, email marketing, and sales outreach. The platform also provides personalized content recommendations and tracking, helping marketers to optimize their messaging and increase engagement.

Success of Terminus' ABM campaign

Terminus' ABM campaign has been highly successful, resulting in increased engagement rates and significant revenue growth. According to a case study by Terminus, one customer was able to generate an ROI of 19x by using Terminus' platform to target high-value accounts. Another customer was able to increase its pipeline by 58% and shorten sales cycles by up to 50%. Overall, Terminus' ABM platform has helped thousands of B2B companies to grow their revenue and achieve their marketing goals.

KPMG's Global Campaign and Its Success: An Explanation of the Account-Based Marketing Strategy

KPMG is one of the world's leading professional services companies, providing a range of services in areas such as audit, tax, and advisory. In order to better target and engage with key clients and prospects, the company developed an account-based marketing campaign that has been highly successful in generating new business and strengthening existing relationships.

Overview of KPMG's Account-Based Marketing Strategy

KPMG's account-based marketing strategy involves targeting specific companies and individuals with tailored marketing and sales messages, content, and outreach efforts. By identifying key decision-makers and influencers within target accounts, KPMG is able to create customized campaigns that speak directly to the needs and challenges of those individuals.

One key component of KPMG's account-based marketing strategy is its use of advanced data analytics and customer insights. The company leverages data from a variety of sources, including its own proprietary research, third-party data providers, and internal client data, to gain a deep understanding of its target accounts and the individuals within them.

Another important aspect of KPMG's account-based marketing strategy is its use of multiple channels and touchpoints to engage with target accounts. The company uses a combination of email, phone, social media, and in-person meetings and events to build relationships and drive conversions.

Success Metrics for KPMG's Account-Based Marketing Campaign

  • KPMG's account-based marketing campaign has resulted in a 42% increase in revenue from target accounts.

  • The company has seen a 26% increase in engagement and response rates from target accounts.

  • KPMG's account-based marketing efforts have helped to generate 2.5x more qualified leads compared to traditional marketing methods.

Overall, KPMG's account-based marketing campaign has been a critical component of the company's growth strategy, helping to drive revenue and build strong relationships with key clients and prospects. By targeting specific accounts and individuals with tailored messaging and a multi-channel approach, KPMG has been able to connect with decision-makers and influencers in a way that traditional marketing methods cannot match.

To learn more about KPMG's account-based marketing campaign and its success, visit https://home.kpmg/us/en/home.html.

Sigstr's Email Campaign

Sigstr, an email signature marketing platform, launched an account-based marketing campaign targeting potential customers for its platform. The campaign aimed to increase lead generation and sales by producing personalized and targeted emails for each target account.

Explanation of Sigstr's account-based marketing campaign

Sigstr's email campaign used personalization and targeting to improve its chances of success. The campaign identified potential customers based on their industry, job title, location, and other relevant criteria. They then developed email content that was personalized based on the target account by including relevant company news, blog posts, and events.

Using Sigstr's platform, the company was able to create custom email signatures for each employee in a target account which included a call-to-action. The call-to-action directed the recipient to click on a link leading to curated content on Sigstr's website, which was specific to the recipient's interests and the company's goal.

Sigstr's success metrics

Sigstr's account-based marketing campaign was highly successful, with significant increases in lead generation, sales, and customer acquisition. The company reported a 133% increase in meeting requests and a 1,300% increase in marketing-influenced pipeline. Additionally, the campaign saw a 22% increase in customer acquisition and a 3% increase in overall revenue.


Sigstr's email campaign demonstrates the effectiveness of account-based marketing, which prioritizes personalized and highly-targeted messaging to drive lead generation and sales. By using personalized email signatures and curated content, Sigstr was able to generate highly qualified leads, acquire new customers, and increase revenue.

Exploring 6Sense's ABM Playbook

If you're looking for inspiration to bolster your own account-based marketing campaign, look no further than 6Sense's successful playbook. This cutting-edge digital marketing firm's unique approach to ABM has resulted in impressive ROI, increased customer engagement and revenue growth.

What Is 6Sense?

6Sense is a data-driven ABM platform that helps businesses identify and prioritize potential customers by analyzing behavioral data across multiple channels. Their focus on data-driven insights and predictive analytics has helped them build a strong reputation as a top player in the burgeoning ABM space.

The Key to Their Success

6Sense's success can be attributed to their unique approach to ABM, which involves not only understanding a company's target audience, but also utilizing data analytics to create personalized experiences for each potential customer. This has led to a high level of customer engagement, loyalty, and increased overall revenue growth for their clients.

Exploring Their playbook

In their playbook, 6Sense outlines their proven approach to ABM, which includes:

  • Identifying your ideal customer profile

  • Understanding your customer's journey and pain points

  • Crafting personalized, omnichannel experiences for each potential customer

  • Measuring and optimizing your campaigns based on data

By following these key steps, 6Sense has helped numerous businesses achieve their ABM goals and increase their bottom line.

If you're interested in learning more about 6Sense's ABM playbook or incorporating their strategies into your own marketing campaigns, check out their website or reach out to their team for more information.

6Sense's website

Demandbase's Multichannel Strategy

Demandbase is a B2B marketing platform that specializes in account-based marketing. Their multichannel strategy involves using a variety of channels to reach and engage with target accounts. This approach has led to significant success for Demandbase's account-based marketing campaign.

Explanation of Demandbase's account-based marketing campaign and its success:

  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a strategic approach to B2B marketing that targets high-value accounts instead of individual leads. By focusing on specific accounts, ABM enables businesses to create more personalized and effective marketing campaigns.

  • Demandbase's ABM campaign involves identifying target accounts and creating personalized content and experiences for each account. This enables Demandbase to engage with decision-makers at each account and demonstrate the value of their platform.

  • One of the keys to Demandbase's success is their use of multiple channels to reach target accounts. This includes email marketing, social media, display advertising, and direct mail. By using multiple channels, Demandbase is able to reach decision-makers at target accounts at multiple touchpoints, increasing the likelihood of engagement.

  • Demandbase's multichannel approach has led to significant success for their ABM campaign. Some of the key metrics include:

    • Average deal size increased by 35%

    • Marketing-sourced pipeline increased by 50%

    • Marketing contribution to closed deals increased by 46%

Overall, Demandbase's multichannel strategy has been a key factor in the success of their ABM campaign. By using a variety of channels to reach target accounts, Demandbase is able to create personalized experiences for decision-makers and drive significant business results.

Uberflip's Targeted Content: A Successful Account-Based Marketing Campaign

Uberflip, a content experience platform, launched a successful account-based marketing campaign that targeted its ideal customers in the B2B market. The campaign aimed to engage the target accounts with personalized content experiences that catered to their specific interests and needs.

The success of the campaign was evident as Uberflip achieved impressive results, including a:

  • 50% increase in the number of target accounts that engaged with the personalized content experiences

  • 30% increase in the number of target accounts that progressed to the next stage in the sales funnel

  • 25% increase in revenue generated from the target accounts

The success of the campaign can be attributed to Uberflip's use of targeted content that resonated with the target accounts, their use of personalized recommendations and CTAs, and their integration of the campaign with their sales process. Uberflip created personalized content experiences for each target account that addressed their specific pain points and interests. They also used personalized CTAs that encouraged the target accounts to take action, boosting the chances of conversion. Additionally, Uberflip integrated the campaign with their sales process, ensuring that their sales team was equipped with the information they needed to close deals.

In conclusion, Uberflip's account-based marketing campaign was a great success, highlighting the importance of targeted content and personalization in engaging and converting ideal customers. By creating personalized experiences that addressed the target accounts' needs and integrating the campaign with their sales process, Uberflip achieved impressive results, proving the effectiveness of account-based marketing.

Cintell's Buyer Personas

Cintell is a software company that specializes in creating precise and data-driven buyer personas. In the world of account-based marketing, it is essential to understand your target audience as well as you can. That's where Cintell comes in with their powerful tools that can help you create a complete profile of your ideal customer.

Let's explore the success of Cintell's account-based marketing campaign and how it can help you.

Explanation of Cintell's Account-Based Marketing Campaign

Cintell's account-based marketing campaign primarily targets B2B companies that are looking to improve their sales and marketing efforts. They have created targeted content to address the specific pain points of their ideal customers, which includes account-based marketing, demand generation, and sales enablement.

One of the key aspects of Cintell's account-based marketing campaign is their use of personalized emails tailored to individual accounts, which has helped them achieve a 41% open rate and a 15% reply rate. Additionally, they have employed account-based retargeting, which has resulted in a 70% increase in website engagement compared to non-targeted campaigns.

Success of Cintell's Account-Based Marketing Campaign

Cintell's account-based marketing campaign has resulted in several impressive successes. They have seen a 3x increase in their pipeline and a 2x increase in their customer base. Additionally, they have achieved a 97% customer retention rate, which is a testament to the value that their customers see in their product.

  • 3x increase in pipeline

  • 2x increase in customer base

  • 97% customer retention rate

Cintell's account-based marketing campaign has proven successful, and their tools can help you achieve similar results. With their precise and data-driven personas, you can gain insights into your ideal customer, which will enable you to create targeted content specific to their pain points, resulting in more effective marketing and sales efforts.

To learn more about Cintell's buyer personas and how they can help your business, visit their website at https://cintell.net.

Vidyard's Personalized Videos and its Success in Account-Based Marketing Campaigns

Vidyard, a leading video marketing platform, embarked on an account-based marketing (ABM) campaign that utilized personalized videos to engage with target accounts in a unique and customized way.

Explanation of Vidyard's Account-Based Marketing Campaign

Vidyard's ABM campaign involved targeting specific high-value accounts with personalized videos that were tailored to the individual recipient's job title, industry, and pain points. The videos were hosted within a custom landing page that provided further information on the benefits of Vidyard's solution.

Vidyard's marketing team researched each of the target accounts extensively before creating the personalized videos. The videos showcased how Vidyard's solution could address specific pain points or improve certain workflows within the organization.

Success of Vidyard's Personalized Video ABM Campaign

The personalized video ABM campaign was a massive success for Vidyard, resulting in a 87% response rate from target accounts and a 195% increase in pipeline generation. The campaign demonstrated the effectiveness of using personalized content to engage with high-value accounts and lead to increased sales opportunities.

  • 87% response rate from target accounts

  • 195% increase in pipeline generation

  • Demonstrated effectiveness of personalized content in ABM campaigns

The success of Vidyard's ABM campaign has since led to the adoption of personalized videos by many other B2B companies looking to engage with target accounts in a unique and customized way.

If you are interested in trying out personalized videos for your own ABM campaigns, check out the Vidyard website for more information on their video marketing platform and its capabilities.


In this blog post, we've explored the top 10 most successful account-based marketing campaigns of all time. These campaigns have demonstrated the power of ABM in driving revenue growth and increasing customer engagement. By analyzing the key takeaways from these campaigns, we can gain insights into how to launch effective ABM campaigns.

Wrap-up of the top 10 most successful account-based marketing campaigns

  • 1. Terminus and Domo

  • 2. Demandbase and Pluralsight

  • 3. Marketo and Taulia

  • 4. Snowflake and SigOpt

  • 5. Engagio and Influitive

  • 6. Uberflip and Snowflake

  • 7. LinkedIn and Marketo

  • 8. Google and SalesLoft

  • 9. Terminus and SalesLoft

  • 10. Demandbase and NewsCred

These campaigns represent a diverse range of industries and companies, but they all share common themes of personalization, customer-centricity, and multichannel engagement. Whether it's using social media platforms, creating custom landing pages, or developing personalized content, successful ABM campaigns require a deep understanding of your target accounts and their pain points.

Key takeaways

  1. Focus on your ideal customer profile (ICP)

  2. Personalize your messaging and content

  3. Use multiple channels to engage your target accounts

  4. Measure the impact of your campaigns on revenue and customer engagement

By following these key takeaways and learning from the top successful ABM campaigns of all time, you can launch effective account-based marketing campaigns that drive business growth and increase customer loyalty.

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