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Contact and Company Enrichment Workflows

One of the key features of ExactBuyer's Native Hubspot Integration is the ability to schedule contact or company enrichment workflows. This means that revenue operations teams can easily enrich their contact and company data with additional information, such as job titles, contact information, and firmographic data. With this additional data, teams can more effectively segment their database, target specific accounts and prospects, and personalize their outreach.

For example, let's say a revenue operations team is trying to target mid-market companies in the healthcare industry. By scheduling a contact enrichment workflow, the team can automatically enrich their contact database with additional firmographic data, such as revenue, number of employees, and industry codes. With this data, the team can easily segment their database by industry and company size, and tailor their messaging and outreach to better resonate with their target accounts.

Proprietary Scores for Account Scoring

Another powerful feature of the integration is the ability to access proprietary scores for account scoring. These scores are based on ExactBuyer’s advanced machine learning algorithms, which analyze a wide range of data points to generate a comprehensive view of an account’s potential value. With these scores, revenue operations teams can more effectively prioritize their accounts, identify high-value opportunities, and optimize their sales and marketing efforts.

For example, let's say a revenue operations team is trying to identify which accounts to prioritize for a new product launch. By accessing ExactBuyer’s proprietary scores for account scoring, the team can quickly identify the accounts with the highest potential value based on factors such as revenue, growth rate, and technology adoption. With this information, the team can focus their sales and marketing efforts on the most promising opportunities, and increase their chances of success.

In conclusion, ExactBuyer's Native Hubspot Integration offers a range of powerful features that can greatly benefit revenue operations teams. By streamlining and enhancing processes such as contact and company enrichment and account scoring, the integration can help teams work more efficiently, target their outreach more effectively, and ultimately drive more revenue for their organization.

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